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Al Barry

We are pleased to introduce our company and thankful if you are already a customer. Stanlok Corporation has roots in the Worcester Taper Pin Company, Standard Lock Washer & Mfg. Co. Inc., and N.E. Specialty Nut Co. Inc.. All were Massachusetts manufacturing companies that provided higher volume standard fasteners and lower volume special fasteners. Stanlok Corporation is proud to be the successor to solid family companies that have stood the tests of time.

Today the Stanlok Corporation provides special nuts, taper pins, special straight pins, and precision machined parts from its factory and warehouse in Worcester Massachusetts. Our engineers can design new fasteners to meet your product requirements, deliver prototypes, and begin shipping production parts in days instead of months. 3D Solid models drive our cost estimating, CNC machine tool programming, and provide data for inspection. Using the best information technology and processing technology is our key to satisfied customers and continued business success.

Please send your requirements to for a rapid price and delivery estimate. Our people promise a quick, accurate reply so your sourcing decision can be made fast and with confidence.

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Nearly A Century of Excellence

This is our story.

Worcester Taper Pin founded (Barry Family)

Standard Lock Washer & Mfg. Co. Inc. founded (Johnson family)

Standard Lock Washer begins taper pin manufacturing (Johnson family)

New England Specialty Nut Co. Inc. acquired (Barry family)

Johnson family sells Standard Lock Washer to Barry family.

Nuts Inc. acquired (Barry family)

Ramar Inc. acquired (Barry family)

Stanlok Corporation new legal entity (Barry family)

Barry family ownership continues to present