Stanlok engineers have developed tooling and processes for machining long cylindrical parts. Our unique processes supply customers and competition with taper pin solutions every day! Stanlok custom machinery, along with state of the art CNC Swiss machinery, enable Stanlok to meet your special pin needs.

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Imperial unthreaded taper pins run from the smallest diameter size number 7/0 (0.0625″) through the largest diameter size number 14 (1.523″). Commercial pins have a turned finish, precision class pins have a grind finish. Stanlok pins are manufactured to the ASME B18.8.2 standard and provide a self-holding taper of 0.250″ per 12.000″ of length. Stanlok has inventory for standard length pins from size #7/0 through #10 in steel and stainless steel. Stanlok manufactures to length for the larger diameter pins in sizes 11, 12, 13, and 14.




IMPERIAL TAPER PIN | Small Sizes | Stock Lengths

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IMPERIAL TAPER PIN | Medium Sizes | Stock Lengths

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IMPERIAL TAPER PIN | Large Sizes | Stock Lengths

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