Stanlok engineers have developed tooling and processes for machining long cylindrical parts. Our unique processes supply customers and competition with taper pin solutions every day! Stanlok custom machinery, along with state of the art CNC Swiss machinery, enable Stanlok to meet your special pin needs.

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Stanlok is the leading Manufacturer of Straight Pins, both plain and threaded, including special  pins in both inch and metric series. We manufacture Aircraft Straight Pins to AN386 from heat-treated alloy steel on our state of the art Swiss CNC machines. Stanlok is the one source for all of your special pin needs!


1. Where specifying nominal size as a basic diameter, zeros preceding decimal and in the fourth decimal place shall be omitted.

*Non-preferred sizes, not recommended for use in new designs.

2.3.4 Effective Length. The effective length, L, (that portion of the pin length bound by the length of point on one end and the radius of crown on the other) on short dowel pins shall not be less than 75 percent of the overall length of the pin. For the pin lengths affected, it may be necessary to deviate from the specified dimensions by reducing the crown radius and height, or increasing the point angle, or both.

2.3.5 Straightness. Machine dowel pins shall be straight over the effective length within an accumulative total of 0.0005 in. per inch of length for nominal lengths up to and including 4 in., and within 0.002 in. total for all nominal lengths over 4 in.

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