For decades Stanlok has supplied American industry with custom nut solutions. From 10 to 100,000 pieces, Stanlok has the experience and tooling to quickly deliver internally threaded products. Whether special threads, special sizes, special materials, or a combination of requirements, Stanlok can be trusted to deliver.

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Stanlok Specialty Nuts | SPECIAL PATTERNS

Special pattern nuts are not your standard finish hex or jam nuts. Special patterns are required to fit a mating thread from a screw or bolt with unusual space constraints. Many special pattern nuts have smaller across the flat dimensions and many special pattern nuts are thinner or have a lower height. This enables the nut to fit into a smaller space. For some applications a nut with larger than standard hexagon size and thickness may required to meet higher strength requirements. Special pattern nuts may also include special high and low crown cap nuts, special round nuts, nuts with internal hexagons or squares, and special size flange nuts. Extra thin or extra thick, Stanlok can meet your needs.



Special Pattern Nuts


Stanlok Specialty Nuts | SPECIAL SHAPES

Stanlok manufactures nuts with hexagon, square, and round shapes. We can also machine, forge, or stamp unusual shapes such as rectangles, polygons, multi-step cylinders, or a combination of polygon and round shapes. Irregular shaped nuts are not a problem for Stanlok. Please email your requirements to



Special Shape Nuts


Stanlok Specialty Nuts | SPECIAL THREADS

Imperial #0-3.0″, Metric M1-M36, NPT, NPSM, Coil, BS, BSW, BSPP, ACME, right hand, left hand, multiple lead Stanlok threading and tapping capabilities include most size imperial, metric, and British standard threads. We routinely produce imperial threads from size #0 through 3.0″ and metric threads from size M1 through M36. Thread pitches are often selected to provide a precise mechanical adjustment, such as one turn being equal to 0.025″ or 1.0 mm. Our specialty is producing unique thread pitches in the nominal size you require. For example, Stanlok has produced 1/4″ thread sizes in pitches ranging from 16 threads per inch all the way up to 72 threads per inch!



Special Threaded Nuts


Stanlok Specialty Nuts | SPECIAL MATERIALS

Materials that resist corrosion, high heat, and high pressure are often required for fasteners. Stanlok can purchase the exact alloy you require and produce a special nut with standard or special features to meet your product needs. Low carbon steels, medium carbon steels, high carbon steels, alloy steels, 300 and 400 series stainless steels, precipitation hardening stainless steels such as 17-4PH, Nitronic 50 and 60, A-286, Inconel, Monel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum 2011, 2024, and 6061 are many of the special materials we can source to make the special nut for your application.



Special Materials


Stanlok Specialty Nuts | SPECIAL STANDARDS

Stanlok produces special nuts to common and uncommon standards. SAE grades 2, 5, 8, and ASTM A194 are common standards that are also applied to special pattern, special materials, or special thread sizes. Other SAE, ASTM, ASME, IFI, ISO, DIN, AN, MS, and NAS special nuts are manufactured by Stanlok. Please email your requirements and any desired standards to and we can advise you today!


Special Standards Nut

Special Standard Nuts

Stanlok Specialty Nuts | SPECIAL PROCESSES

Non standard finishes can turn a standard fastener into a special. Special strength requirements can require heat treatment and special alloys to enable the correct heat treatment. Special locking features, wire holes, and marking may also be applied to standard and special pattern nuts. Stanlok provides many special processes in-house and also contracts with the same local heat treatment and finish suppliers for more than 30 years!



Special Processes and Finishes

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